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Judy's Collection

Judy Unger’s enticing imagery explores the use of vibrant colors and textures through a uniquely personal photorealistic technique using watercolor dyes and colored pencil. The artist refers to the work as being “idealistic,” never wanting the food illustrations to be so perfect that they are no longer appetizing.

Brilliant washes of color combine to create rich tones. Food and botanicals have frequently been favorite subjects and water droplets are often featured in the paintings. The artist’s distinct shimmering imagery and vibrant colors characterize the most recent botanical-inspired images.

Most of her original paintings are approximately 8" x 10." She has hundreds of images available from her prolific art career that were used as labels for major food companies. Please contact the artist with any inquiries.

Judy is passionate about creating healing music. Her meditation music and courses on Insight Timer inspire people all over the world.

Judy Unger Lowden Guitar
Peach Blossom Branch.jpg

In 2011, Judy began her blog "Illustrating My Life," Every post shares intimate information related to her successful art career. From technical tips to honest experiences, her blog is a treasure trove of information for artists.

Stock Images

Judy has over 1,000 stock images available on Getty and iStock.

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Peach Blossom Branch
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