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1800 Margarita Labels, Allen’s Liqueurs, AM/PM Arco, Arbor Mist, Avon Books, Azar Nut Company, Bacardi, Balance Bar, Bank of America, Beech Nut, Betty Crocker, Best Foods, Borden, Budget Gourmet, California Iceberg Lettuce Commission, Carnation, Celestial Seasonings, Chevron, Chiquita, Conroy’s Flowers, Crowley Foods, Crystal Geyser, Darigold Yogurt, Del Monte, Diamond Nuts, Dole, Dubouchett, Frito-Lay, General Foods, General Mills, Hallmark, Heinz, Karen’s Naturals, Keebler, Kirkland (Costco) brand, Kraft, Laura Scudder’s, Lindsay Olives, Little Debbie’s Snacks, McDonald’s, M&M Mars, Mountain Sun, Nabisco, Northland Cranberries, Orange Julius, Oscar Mayer, Parmalat, People Magazine, Pharmavite, Publix Supermarkets, Quaker, Ragu, Ready Pac, Seven Eleven, Shasta, Sparklett’s McKesson, Spice Islands, Super Soil, Tillamook Dairy Company, Visa, Wallably Yogurt, Wegman’s Markets and Well Pict. 

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I have been an illustrator for over 40 years.I developed my distinctive photorealistic technique through use of watercolor dyes and colored pencil. My inviting imagery explores the use of vibrant colors and textures. Brilliant washes of colors combine to create rich tones.

Food and botanicals have frequently been my favorite subjects and water droplets are often featured in my paintings. I like to refer to my work as being “idealistic.” I never want my food illustrations to be so perfect that they are no longer appetizing. Virtually every major food company in the United States has commissioned me and my artwork has been used on ads, websites, labels, magazines, billboards, greeting cards, as well as fine-art prints and posters.


I published my first art book at age 14, and currently sell my images through Getty and iStock (a Getty partner). My fine art prints are sold through Brentwood Publishing Company.

I am also a passionate musician and inspirational speaker. My original healing acoustic guitar compositions and speaking series can be heard on the free meditation app, Insight Timer. My moving story named “Beside Me Always” guides readers on my journey through grief and healing. It is available as a paperback and audio book on Amazon and iTunes.

I have taught illustration at California State University, Los Angeles, UCLA Extension, California State University, Northridge, and Otis-Parsons Art Institute. My instructional blog  “Illustrating My Life” is filled with anecdotes and inspiration from my art career.

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